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Tum Ho Toh Guitar Chords – Rock On | Easy Guitar Chords


Tum Ho Toh Guitar Chords – Rock On

Tum Ho Toh Guitar Chords from the movie, Rock On. Tum Ho Toh Rock On Chords. Guitar Chords Of Song Tum Ho Toh. Tum Ho Toh Lyrics. This song is sung by Farhan Akhtar. Music composition by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy with lyrics inscribed by Javed Akhtar. The soundtrack album is released under Big Music label.

Tum Ho Toh Guitar Chords


C Dm G C

             C              Am   C
Tum ho to gaata hai dil,
              Dm               G
Tum nahi to geet kaha

               C            Am         C
Tum ho to hai sab haasil,
                Dm                  G
Tum nahi to kya hai yaha

              F          C
Tum ho to hai
       Dm                    G     Am  C
Sapano ke Jaisa hasin ik sama

       G                    Dm
Jo tum ho to, ye lagata hai,
      F            Dm
Ki mil gayi har khushi

     G                       Dm
Jo tum na ho, ye lagata hai,
       F                       Dm
Ki har khushi me hai kami

Tumko hai maangati,
       C          Am     Dm  G
Ye jindagi

            C                      G
Tum ho to raahe bhi hai,
           Dm                   G
Tum nahi to raste kaha

              C                        C
Tum ho to yaha sab hi hai,
           Dm                  G
Tum nahi to kaun yaha

           F             C
Tum ho to hai
         Dm                      G
Har ek pal Meherbaan

Am          C
Ye jahaan

         G            Dm
Jo tum ho to hawa me bhi
                 F         Dm
Mohabbato ka rang hai

       G                    Dm
Jo tum na ho to phir koyi na
          F         Dm
Josh na umang hai

Tum mile to mili

       C          Am     Dm  G
Ye jindagi


Chords Of Tum Ho Toh
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