Sunoh Chords (The Archies) – Tejas | Easy Guitar Chords

Sunoh Chords (The Archies) – Tejas

Sunoh Chords from The Archies: is latest Hindi song sung by Tejas with music is given by Ankur Tewari & The Islanders and featuring Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor. Sunoh Guitar Chords. Sunoh The Archies Chords. While Sunoh song lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar, Dot. The music video directed by Zoya Akhtar.

Sunoh Chords


Aao kahani sunoh

F                    G       Gm
Meri zabani suno

Kyun gungunati hui

                C            F
Hai naujawani sunoh

F                 Bb      F        Gm F
This is my story sunoh

You can’t ignore me sunoh

All my impossible dreams

                  C                        F
Are right before me you know

Bb              C
Har pal nayi lehron
F                  Dm
Mein behti hai

Bb             C          F     Dm
Yeh zindagani sunoh

Bb          C
Har pal yahi
        F           C        Dm
Toh humse kehti hai

Bb       C           F
Iski rawani sunoh suno

F                Bb                  F
Feel like a new guy my love

F                                                      Gm
Sunny swingin’ blue skies above

                    Dm           Gm
This is my story you know?

              C           F
Meri kahani sunoh

Kyon zindagi lagti hai

F                                      Gm
Hum ko suhani sunoh

Kyon hai khushi pane mein

                C                F
Hum ko aasaani sunoh

Bb                 C
You say I’m young

                F                        Dm
and I’ve got nowhere to be

Bb                  C
I say there’s so much
          F    Dm
I can do

Bb                C
Traded my shoes in for

F                             Dm
wheels under my feet

       Bb                 C                  F
I’m rockin’ and rollin’ past you

F         Bb  F      Bb      F
Sunoh      Suno Suno Suno


Chords Of Sunoh By Tejas
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