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Water Chords by Brad Paisley

Water Chords by Brad Paisley. Water Chords. This Song sung By Brad Paisley. Water Brad Paisley Chords. This Song was Taken from Album American Saturday Night.

Water Guitar Chords

Capo On 3rd Fret


D   A   D   A

Inflatable pool full of
Dad’s hot air 

I was three years old
splashin’ everywhere

              Bm                     C   G
And so began my love affair
with water

On a river bank
with all my friends

                D                      G
A big ol’ rope tied to a limb

And your a big ol’ wuss
                              C   G     D
if you don’t jump in the water

                             G              D
Yeah when that summer sun
A             D
starts to beatin’ down

        G                          D           A
And you dont know what to do

                   G                 D
Grab your swimming trunks
A                  Bm
Ice up that old Igloo

Drive until
     G        A
the map turns blue

                D                    A
Daytona Beach on spring break

      D                G
18 girls up on stage

White t-shirts about
          C     G              D
to be sprayed with water

Yeah when that summer
D     A        D
sun starts beatin down

        G                          D            A
And you don’t know what to do

                      G               D
Just go and grab someone

A                                 Bm
You wanna see in a bathing suit

And drive until
     G                 A
the map turns blue

You can stay right there

When the daylights gone

Play truth or dare

And it won’t take long

Fore’ you and her

                      C G      D
Got nothin’ on but water

All you really need
this time of year

Is a pair of shades
and ice cold beer

And a place to sit
                      C G   D
somewhere near water


Brad Paisley Water Chords
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