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This Is Your House Chords – Don Moen

This Is Your House Chords. This Is Your House Song taken From Top Christian Songs Of All Time. This Is Your House Lyrics And Chords. This Song Lyrics written by Don Moen.

This Is Your House Guitar Chords

Capo On 5th Fret


C                                  Caad9 C
As we gather in this place   today

Am                                 Asus4
Holy Spirit come and have
  Am           Dm   Am   G
Your way, have Your way

C                                Cadd9  C
As we lay aside our own   desires

Sweep across our hearts
        Asus4 Am  F     Am    G
with holy   fire, have Your way

            C        G          F       C
This is Your house, Your home

       F              G
We welcome You, Lord,
      F              C
we welcome You

             C       G          F       C
This is Your house, Your home

       F              G     C
We welcome You today

C                               Cadd9         C
As we offer up our hearts and lives

Am                              Asus4 Am
Let them be a living    sacrifice,
Dm   Am   G
have Your way

C                                 Cadd9      C
Be glorified in everything we do

Am                              Cadd9
Be glorified in everything
     C      F       Am    G
we say, have Your way

Dm Am G             C       Em7  F
As    we praise, o Lord draw near

Dm  Am    G              C      Em7  F  
It’s   Your voice, we long  to    hear

(Repeat twice)

       F              G      Am
We welcome You today

       F              G      C
We welcome You today


Chords Of This Is Your House
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