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Savior Complex Chords – Phoebe Bridgers

Savior Complex Chords. This song is sung by Phoebe Bridgers from Punisher (2020) album. Savior Complex Phoebe Bridgers Chords. The music is composed and produced by The Trilemma, Tony Berg, Ethan Gruska & Phoebe Bridgers, while the lyrics are written by Phoebe Bridgers, Christian Lee Hutson & Conor Oberst. The music track was released on June 18, 2020.

Savior Complex Guitar Chords

Capo On 2nd Fret


D                 Dmaj7
Emotional affair

D               Dmaj7
Overly sincere

Smoking in the car,
windows up

Crocodile tears,
                             F#m  D
run the tap ’til it’s clear

D                         Dmaj7
Drift off on the floor

   D                           Dmaj7
I drag you to the shore

Sweating through the sheets

You’re gonna drown in
your sleep for sure

F#m                            G    Gm
Wake up and start a big fire

            D                 E
In our one room apartment

              G     Gm
But I’m too tired

                  D            E7
To have a p*ssing contest

             Bm                 A              E7
All the bad dreams that you hide

Show me yours,
I’ll show you mine

D                              Dmaj7
Call me when you land

      D                       Dmaj7
I’ll drive around again

One hand on the wheel,
one in your mouth

                 D                          F#m
Turn me on and turn me down

                           G      Gm
Baby, you’re a vampire

                  D                   E
You want blood and I promised

          G     Gm
I’m a bad liar

             D         E
With a savior complex

             Bm       A           E7
All the skeletons you hide

Show me yours and
      Gm           F
I’ll show you mine

            Bm                  A              E7
All the bad dreams that you hide

Show me yours


Chords Of Savior Comlex
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