Funeral Chords - Phoebe BridgersFuneral Chords - Phoebe Bridgers

Funeral Chords – Phoebe Bridgers

Funeral Chords is a song by American singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. Phoebe Bridgers Funeral Chords. The song and its lyric were released on September 12, 2017. Phoebe Funeral Chords.

Funeral Guitar Chords

Capo On 4th Fret


[Verse 1]
       G                   C                  G
I’m singing at a funeral tomorrow

          Em             C                       D
For a kid a year older than me

And I’ve been talking to his dad;
C                          G
it makes me so sad

                 C                           D
When I think too much about it
I can’t breathe

[Verse 2]
And I have this dream where
   C                             G
I’m screaming underwater

While my friends are
     C                              D
all waving from the shore

G                                C
I don’t need you to tell
me what that means

I don’t believe in

 D                         G
that stuff anymore

Em       C
Jesus Christ,
     G                    D
I’m so blue all the time

        Em                        C  
And that’s just how I    feel

              G     D
Always have

                     Em   C
and I always     will
G               D
I always have and always will

[Verse 3]
G                       C            G
And I have a friend I call

                     Em             C            D
When I’ve bored myself to tears

And we talk until we think
    C                            G
we might just kill ourselves

       C                             D               G
But then we laugh until it disappears

[Verse 4]
G                                         C          G
Last night I blacked out in my car

           Em                          C                D
And I woke up in my childhood bed

Wishing I was someone else,
C                  G
feeling sorry for myself

When I remembered
 D          G
someone’s kid is dead

Em       C
Jesus Christ,

            G                    D
I’m so blue all the time
        Em                        C
And that’s just how I    feel

             G      D
Always have

                       Em  C
and I always      will
G              D
I always have and always will

C           G  D               G
And it’s 4 am, again

C               G D              G
And I’m doing nothing



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